Riders Take Win Against Valiant Hawks

In a thrilling showdown on Saturday, the game between Charnwood Riders and the West Yorkshire Hawks was a high-octane showdown that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The Riders emerged victorious, beating the Hawks 100-88 in a game that showcased incredible talent and relentless effort on both sides.


The game opened with a fiercely contested first quarter, with both teams displaying their offensive capabilities. The Riders led 31-28 at the end of the first 10 minutes, but the Hawks were not ready to back down. The second quarter saw both teams trading blows, with the Riders holding a 60-50 lead heading into halftime.


As the action continued into the third quarter, the Hawks refused to let the game slip away. They put up a valiant effort, cutting the Riders’ lead to 76-69 by the end of the third period. It was clear that the Hawks were determined to keep the game within reach.


However, the Riders’ exceptional shooting from the perimeter ultimately proved to be the difference-maker. They executed their plays with precision and consistency, sinking crucial three-pointers that kept the Hawks on their toes throughout the game.


Despite being understrength, the West Yorkshire Hawks demonstrated their resilience and heart. They pushed the Riders deep into the fourth quarter, even narrowing the gap to a single possession game in the closing minutes. The Hawks’ top scorers on the night included Rob Donaldson with a remarkable 33 points, Charles Olusunmade with 18, Jamie Cawtheray contributing 12, and Ethan Liburd chipping in with 10.


Hawks’ Head Coach Mark Mills, reflecting on the Hawks’ performance, remarked, ‘Although we were on the wrong end of the scoreline today, this performance marks a turning point for our season.  It is the first time I believe we truly played ‘Hawks’ basketball and the guys went to battle for one another for the entire game, I am truly proud of the performance today and I know the results are just around the corner now’


The West Yorkshire Hawks now have a weekend off to regroup and prepare for their upcoming West Yorkshire derby on the road to face Leeds LDM on Saturday 18th November. They will then return to their home floor on Saturday 25th November, to take on the Calderdale Explorers. Anticipation is high, with the Hawks expecting a record crowd for the home game against the Explorers. Fans are encouraged to secure their tickets as soon as possible, and if they use the code “HAWKS25” they’ll receive a 25% discount. It’s a thrilling time for West Yorkshire basketball, and you won’t want to miss a minute of the action! Get your tickets at https://tktp.as/EQPDOX.


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