Moulson Arrival Adds Depth To Hawks Backcourt

The West Yorkshire Hawks are delighted to announce the signing of athletic point guard Danny Moulson to their roster. Moulson’s exceptional skills and explosive playing style add another dimension to Hawks backcourt for their inaugural season.


Danny Moulson, known for his lightning-fast moves, brings a unique blend of speed, agility, and precision to the Hawks. He is a dynamic playmaker who excels at creating scoring opportunities for his teammates while also showcasing his own scoring prowess.


Hawks Co-Founder, Greg Dolan, is pleased to confirm Moulson’s signing, stating, “We are excited to welcome Danny Moulson to the Hawks. His abilities as a point guard are strong, and he possesses numerous qualities we value in our players. Danny’s dedication to the game and his passion for winning make him a perfect fit for our team.”


Moulson’s makes the move to Hawks to take the next step in his basketball career.  “I am incredibly excited to be joining the West Yorkshire Hawks,” said Moulson. ” I’m eager to contribute to its continued success from day one. I look forward to giving my all, collaborating with my teammates, and pushing as hard as we can to win some games”


Fans can anticipate electrifying plays, precise assists, and fierce competition as Moulson puts on the Hawks’ jersey later this month.

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