Hawks Up For Riders Challenge

The West Yorkshire Hawks are gearing up for an exciting matchup as they travel to Charnwood College Sports Hall on Saturday (4th November). It’s ser to be an interesting clash in National League Division Three (North) as Charnwood Riders put their unbeaten streak on the line against the determined Hawks.


Charnwood Riders have started their season with an unblemished record, claiming two impressive victories over Tees Valley Mohawks and Calderdale Explorers. They are a young team that plays with pace and confidence, unafraid of any challenge that comes their way.


For the Hawks, this game represents another step on their path of growth. Their loss to Tees Valley Mohawks two weeks ago still stings, and they’ve been putting in the hard yards in practice to bounce back. With a weekend off to regroup, the Hawks are hungrier than ever to prove themselves on the court.


Coach Mills shared his thoughts on the upcoming game, saying, “We’re fully aware of the challenge that Charnwood presents, but we’ve used the past two weeks to refine our game and learn from our experiences. We’re excited and ready to step on the court, grow as a team, and give our all. It’s about the journey and the progress we make with every game, and that’s what we’re focused on.”


When the fearless pace of Charnwood meets the determination of the Hawks, the game’s tempo, decision-making, and execution will be crucial in determining the outcome.


Both teams are entering this game with different narratives, but the beauty of sport lies in its unpredictability. Will Charnwood’s unbeaten streak continue, or will the Hawks rise from their previous defeat?


With the clock ticking down to tip-off, it’s all to play for. Be sure not to miss this exhilarating battle in the National League Division Three (North) as the West Yorkshire Hawks take on the Charnwood Riders.

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