Hawks Unveil Stunning Inaugural Kit

Today marks the launch of the much-anticipated inaugural West Yorkshire Hawks’ kit.  The Hawks’ home kit is an electrifying teal, reflecting the team’s determination to make a bold entrance into the league. The vibrant lime accents add a fresh, dynamic edge that captures the team’s energy and competitive spirit. As they step onto the court in this striking design, the Hawks aim to dazzle fans with their commitment and style.


On the road, the West Yorkshire Hawks will suit up in a lime and green colourway of the kit. However, whether at home or away, the Hawks’ kit promises to make them instantly recognisable on the court.


“The unveiling of our first-ever kit is a monumental moment for the Hawks,” said Hawks Co-Founder Mark Mills, “We couldn’t be more thrilled with it, and we believe our fans will love the design of our vibrant, striking kit.”


The kit has been manufactured by innovative sportswear brand Fastbreak, which was founded by the West Yorkshire basketball legend, Rai Pabrieza.  Fastbreak brings a rich legacy of passion and expertise to the world of sportswear. With a career spanning decades, Pabrieza’s commitment to the game has now taken an inspiring turn as he pioneers a new era in sports apparel.


Rai Pabrieza, founder of Fastbreak, shared his excitement about partnering with Hawks , stating, “As someone who is very familiar with West Yorkshire , it’s an honour to provide the West Yorkshire Hawks with the best in basketball apparel on the market. Our team at Fastbreak take real pride in every kit we produce and we are glad that the Hawks kit reflects the essence of the team and their dedication to the game.”


The Hawks are set to captivate fans across the region this season and their innovative and stylish Fastbreak kit embody their passion for the game, the vibrancy of the community, and the promise of a bright future in the National Basketball League.


Stay tuned for more updates and the latest news as the West Yorkshire Hawks embark on their journey to greatness. Be sure to catch them in action, proudly sporting their Fastbreak kit, as they chase victory on the court.

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