Hawks' Launch Women's Team

West Yorkshire Hawks have officially announced the formation of their first-ever women’s team. With the vision to provide a pathway for female athletes to excel in basketball from grassroots to elite levels, the club is set to embark on a transformative journey that promises to reshape the landscape of women’s basketball in the region.

The decision to launch a women’s team comes in response to the stark reality that West Yorkshire currently lacks any women’s national league basketball teams and only has a handful of local league options available. Recognising the need for change, the Hawks are stepping up to provide a platform for aspiring female players to showcase their talent and pursue their passion for the game.


Mark Mills, co-founder of West Yorkshire Hawks, addressed the issue head-on. “Women’s basketball has been a fundamental part of our vision from day one,” Mills declared. “The absence of opportunities for girls and women to play basketball in West Yorkshire is simply unacceptable. We aim to work towards rectifying this situation, elevating women’s basketball, and providing the support and focus it deserves.”


The first phase of this ambitious initiative involves the establishment of a senior women’s team, with aspirations to compete in the national league for the 2024-2025 season. To kickstart this journey, the Hawks will be hosting two open runs at the University of Huddersfield in April, providing interested players with the opportunity to be part of this historic endeavour from the very start.


Led by former international basketball player Adoniah Lewis, these open sessions promise to be an exciting opportunity for female athletes to be part of a pioneering movement. Lewis, whose passion for basketball speaks volumes about her dedication to the game, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming sessions, stating, “I believe that sport is a great pathway for young women to build confidence and develop essential skills to navigate life challenges. So, the more sport pathways that are built for young females the better for our community – I’m extra excited to be leading Hawks’ womens basketball initiatives as I love this sport for all the opportunities it provides and would love to provide and share those same opportunities with others.”


The open runs will take place on Wednesday, 17th April , and Tuesday 23rd April, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, and are free for all participants. Those interested in attending are encouraged to complete the registration form to stay updated on the progress and developments as the Hawks strive to prioritise women’s basketball in West Yorkshire.

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