Hawks' Hoops Academy A Huge Success

The Hawks Hoops Academy, proudly funded by the West Yorkshire Mayor’s Safer Communities Fund, proved to be an impactful initiative aimed at introducing basketball to youngsters in the Huddersfield area. Over six camps, more than 50 children aged 9-11 participated, many of whom had little to no prior experience with the sport.


Under the guidance of experienced coaches and senior players from the Hawks team, participants engaged in skill-building sessions focused on fundamental basketball techniques. These sessions covered various aspects of the game, including dribbling, shooting, and defensive skills.


The Academy provided a valuable opportunity for these young athletes to explore and develop their interest in basketball. Despite initial unfamiliarity, participants demonstrated remarkable progress and enthusiasm as they honed their skills throughout the program.


“The Hawks Hoops Academy has been amazing to deliver. To be honest, it has been one of the highlights of the year for me. Seeing so many young people pick up a basketball for the first time and pretty quickly fall in love with the sport is just amazing,” said Mark Mills, co-founder of the Hawks. “I want to give a huge heartfelt thanks to the West Yorkshire Mayor’s office for their support. Delivering this project so successfully has really made us even more determined to continue to grow and give even more back to our amazing county.”


The support of the West Yorkshire Mayor’s office was instrumental in the success of the Hawks Hoops Academy, underscoring their commitment to making West Yorkshire the best place in the UK to live.


Looking ahead, the Hawks organisation remains committed to expanding its efforts to provide opportunities for youth involvement in sports and community activities. The positive reception and impact of the Hawks Hoops Academy serve as a catalyst for future initiatives aimed at promoting physical activity, skill development, and community cohesion.

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