Hawks Grounded By Mohawks

In a thrilling matchup between the West Yorkshire Hawks and the Tees Valley Mohawks, fans were treated to a rollercoaster of a game that ultimately saw the Mohawks take the 97-91 win.


The Mohawks wasted no time making a statement, dominating the opening quarter with an impressive offensive display. The Hawks’ defense struggled to contain their opponents, allowing the Mohawks to build a commanding 34-21 lead by the end of the first quarter. The second quarter saw a continuation of the Mohawks’ offensive onslaught, extending their lead to a daunting 21 points by halftime.


Entering the locker room at the break, the Hawks regrouped and emerged for the second half with a renewed sense of purpose. The defensive intensity that was lacking in the first half suddenly materialised, holding the Mohawks to 18 points in the third quarter. Simultaneously, the Hawks’ offense found its rhythm, pouring in 27 points as they aggressively attacked the basket.


The fourth quarter witnessed a determined comeback effort from the Hawks, as they continued to close the gap on the Mohawks. However, the Mohawks adjusted their gameplan, opting to exploit transition opportunities for easy fastbreak points. Despite the Hawks’ valiant effort, roared on by a record crowd, the Mohawks maintained their composure and secured an impressive road win.


Individual performances were notable for the Hawks, with Dave Walsh leading the scoring with a season-high 41 points. Rob Donaldson contributed 17 points, and Jamie Cawtheray added 14 to the scoreboard. However, it was not enough to overcome the Mohawks’ first-half dominance.


Expressing disappointment in the team’s performance, Hawks Head Coach Mark Mills lamented, “You just can’t come out that sloppy in the national league. We knew exactly how Mohawks were going to play this game, we practiced with that in mind, and we still let them dictate the game for 20 minutes. I put my hands up as the coach as well; I should have been quicker to make the necessary adjustments. That said, the Mohawks and Coach Butler, they executed a near-perfect first half of basketball. We have plenty of lessons to take from this game and will continue to strive to be better.  I want to thank the fans for their support tonight, they almost got us to that comeback win.  I promise them will repay their faith in us”


The loss keeps the Hawks in 5th spot in the division but only by points difference, adding urgency to their upcoming trip to Sunderland next Sunday. With valuable lessons learned from this challenging matchup, the Hawks remain determined to bounce back and continue their pursuit of improvement what is a very competitive division.

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