First Hawks Tryout is a Promising Start

Last night saw the much-anticipated first player tryout for the West Yorkshire Hawks take place at the prestigious University of Huddersfield. The event drew an impressive crowd of 24 aspiring players, and it was evident from the outset that the level of talent on display was impressive.


The excitment that has been building around the West Yorkshire Hawks had attracted players from various levels of basketball experience. From standout junior players through to seasoned national league players, the talent pool was incredibly deep, making it a challenging task for the coaching staff to assess the potential recruits accurately.


Throughout the session, players engaged in a series of skill drills and competitive scrimmages.  The level of intensity displayed by each participant was commendable, highlighting their dedication and passion for the sport. The coaching staff face a challenging task in narrowing down the selection of players, as every participant demonstrated the potential to contribute significantly to the team. The final decision-making process will undoubtedly be difficult but speaks volumes about the promising future of the West Yorkshire Hawks.


This first of three players tryouts for the West Yorkshire Hawks can be considered a resounding success. With 24 highly skilled and motivated players showcasing their abilities, the coaching staff undoubtedly has some tough decisions ahead. The level of talent displayed was undoubtedly impressive, boding well for the Hawks’ future endeavors.


The second player tryout will take place next Thursday (3rd August) between 7pm and 9pm at the University of Huddersfield.  Many of the players at the first try out will be back on the floor with several new faces joining the session.  Players who are interested in playing for the West Yorkshire Hawks in the inaugural season are invited to register by clicking on the link below and completing the registration form.

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